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Giveaway Time!

  To celebrate the release of After Lambana , Wounded Little Gods and Seventeen Prayers to the Many-Eyed Mother ,  I will be giving away   free copies  of my new books to lucky readers. But first, some reminders on how you can support these titles: 1.  Buy the book . Of course! :) You can find out more information about where to purchase the books through the links above. 2.  Share the links  and other book info on your social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.). 3.  Review the book . Write about it. Tell your friends. If you are on Goodreads, add the books to your bookshelf and share your thoughts. Now on to the fun part. After Lambana & Wounded Little Gods I will be giving away one signed copy each! These copies will be coming from my own stash of complimentary copies and will be shipped from Sydney, where I'm currently located. Shipping from Australia is a bit dear so I'm only committing to provide copies to one winner (sorry!). However, if this gets g

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