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Walking in Sydney: Coogee to Bondi Coastwalk

I have been sharing things semi-regularly elsewhere (Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn) but this space has been quiet, hasn't it? My last post was about my latest book, officially launched last year (and do check the link, if you haven't yet) when I was already in Sydney. (In this post, I talked about how IDP helped me fix my documents for the student visa application.)

I know no one blogs anymore (I understand everyone's releasing newsletters now?), but memory is faulty, and I want to be able to record some events and share some news with you. I've looked at my old posts and noticed highly specific details (like this funny anecdote about Doris Lessing that Danton Remoto made while introducing Gina Apostol) that I would have lost if I had not written them (and published them online). I can't imagine the many details about our early months here in this new city that are lost to me now. (Though I have some food photos lying somewhere--maybe I'll write another post …

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