After Lambana: An Update

Hello readers! We're doing our very best to make sure copies of After Lambana (story and words by Eliza Victoria, art by Mervin Malonzo) will be available at the upcoming Komikon on November 19. We're looking at 192 full-color pages. We're also finalizing the cover.

For now, allow me to re-share a few sample pages that I shared last year.

From pages 10, 14, and 16.

Lambana, the realm of the Diwata, has fallen, the Magic Prohibition Act has been signed into law, and there is something wrong with Conrad’s heart. Only magic can delay his inevitable death, and so he meets with Ignacio, a friend who promises to hook him up with Diwata and magic-derived treatments, illegal though this may be. 
But during the course of the night, Conrad may just discover Lambana’s secrets – and a cure to save his life.

Check out Mervin's Facebook album for more teasers.

Malapit na!


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