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"Ang Bahay sa Gitna ng Kawalan" at the Virgin LabFest 13

Screams, laughter, and applause greeted the last show of "Ang Bahay sa Gitna ng Kawalan" at the 13th installment of the Virgin LabFest. It has been called a "bamboozling mess"; often, in reviews of the set of three one-act plays, "Bahay" merits one line, a cursory glance. But I've accepted it for what it is (for what most of my stories are): a strange, dark thing that may not be loved, that will only be held at arm's length.

But sometimes--sometimes--a story finds its audience. Like in that final show, when I saw the CCP ushers huddling together to watch, when I could hear people screaming in fright. Fred Hawson, who listed this in his top 4 plays of the festival, described it as "[d]efinitely the weirdest, most original of all the entries because of its out-of-the-box genre, twisted plot and atmospheric staging."

We had fun. I'm proud of the end-product, thanks to George de Jesus's dynamic direction. As a playwright, I came away…

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