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In Defense of Short, Cozy Weddings

(And a rebuttal before we even start: "In Defense of Big Weddings" from the Deadspin Funbag by Drew Magary.)
Have you ever been to a big Filipino wedding?* If you haven't, let me provide some context:
*for this post, I mean traditional Filipino Christian wedding. Specifically Roman Catholic. I haven't had the pleasure of attending the weddings of other religious denominations. Traditional Filipino wedding ceremonies are at least two hours long.Filipino weddings include wedding Sponsors. The Principal Sponsors act as witnesses and sign the marriage contract with the couple. Secondary Sponsors are Coin Sponsors, Veil Sponsors, Cord Sponsors, and Candle Sponsors, who have specific functions during the wedding ceremony. To quote from Bride & Breakfast: "For Catholic Church weddings, you’ll need to have three pairs of secondary sponsors. The candle sponsors light the wedding candles before the rite of marriage, the veil sponsors drape the veil over the groom’s shou…

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