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We're Heading to Sydney

Remember in the Filipina Elsewhere series introduction when I said--

I've thought about studying abroad--and I got stuck with just thinking about it. Especially when I saw the forms and the fees and the requirements.
Well, I turned thirty (one) and realized: if I don't this now, while I'm (literally and figuratively) mobile, I may not be able to do this at all.
So I did it
I did the research. I paid the fees. I gathered the documents. I asked for reference letters. I polished a short story for submission. I took the TOEFL*. And I got into the University of Sydney's Master of Creative Writing program. (With a scholarship offer!)
*a note about TOEFL (Test of English Language as a Foreign Language): US universities accept this, Australian universities consider this, but some Canadian and UK universities only accept IELTS (International English Language Testing System)
Now, about education agents
I didn't know they existed. Or, rather, I knew they're around, but I though…

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