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Nightfall Book Giveaway

I haven't done this in a while!

To celebrate the release of Nightfall (read an excerpt here | find where to buy it here), I will be giving away five (5) free copies of my new book to five lucky readers.

These copies, unfortunately, will not be autographed, as I am in Sydney and the copies will be coming from the Visprint office in Metro Manila.

I will, however, send a small token from here to one of the five winners, chosen randomly. (I can't do this for all five winners, sorry about that.)

But first, some reminders on how you can support my book:

1. Buy the book. Of course! :) It is now available in all major Philippine book stores, as well as online.

2. Share this link and other Nightfall info on your social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest etc.).

3. Review the book. Blog about it. Tell your friends, whether you enjoyed it or not. If you are on Goodreads, add the book to your bookshelf and share your thoughts.

Now on to the giveaway!


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