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Filipina Elsewhere: Andrea Teran

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I first met Andrea in the 2011 Philippines Free Press Literary Awards, where she won an award for her poem "Weight Without Gravity".

Here, she talks about finding a sense of self after traveling abroad, shifting from the physical to the social sciences, "Pisay guilt", and the challenges of working for science in the Philippines.
I added emphases (boldface type, italics), links, and photos throughout the text. 

Name: Andrea Teran Current Location: Metro Manila, Philippines Age: 36
What was your job in the Philippines before you went abroad? I was a technical legislative staff to former Sen. Edgardo J. Angara, where I worked primarily for science-based policy making, making research funding accessible to the regional universities and science education in general.
Why did you decide to study/work abroad? I have had previous experience studying abroad, I went to Kyoto University for a research studentship 12 years ago. I was supposed to take my ma…

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