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Visprint's Sabado del Libro

What a fun way to spend a rainy Saturday.

In Sabado Del Libro, Visprint opens its offices on a Saturday afternoon to welcome readers and a featured Visprint writer to discuss a current or future book, and whatever else we might feel like discussing while having coffee.

Attendees to the July 7 session received an exclusive excerpt from my upcoming linked-stories science fiction collection Nightfall,and I also did a reading of the same excerpt.

What is Nightfall about?

Vanessa stumbles upon something unexpected in an apartment hundreds of floors above the ground: a dead body next to a single beeping monitor. In another part of the city, Criselda mulls preemptive violence after her Mod shuts down to show her a boy, a bird, a window. Is her Mod malfunctioning, or is she being manipulated? Set in a city of towers, where residents undergo biomodification in order to work more hours and earn more money, where living in the Upper Floors is the ultimate dream, Nightfall unfolds in a series of …

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